Home – Guest, carpet car, stickers, I-Pad screen, mixed media, 2017

Bed – Pastic stool, drawing, crate, mixed media, 2017


Sky – plastic stool, crate, metal, drawings, mixed media, 2017

Morning – plastic stool, crate, metal, drawing, mixed media, 2017


Birds on sky – Drawing, metal, plastic, 2017

Pillows – Plastic stool, crate, metal, drawings, mixed media, 2017

Kite – carpet car, metallic stem, bike chains, luxury ties, mixed media, 2017





Room view – Plastic stool, crate, metal, drawings, mixed media, 2017

Black birds fabric, plastic, mixed media, 2017

Mirror mirror, metallic string, plastic, tin opener, keys, carpet car, mixed media, 2017


The Harpist Rover is a solo show that took place on march 24th at Interstate, New York. It consists of a big kite surrounded by a series of drawings on frames made with material found in the streets and one dollar shops. The satellites or shuttles windows, built in an a archaïc-survival fashion and colored in a primal blue hue, like materialised sky.

In these geometrical futuristic shapes are nested realist romantic onctuous drawings about the sweet hypnotic ballet of daily life, its different basic pleasures such as breakfast. The leash of the kite is a melody made of heavy arid urban material, bike chain and carpet car. The grid pattern, looking like pixels, a hive or a cage expresses in its own abstract way the isolation and irreality as felt by someone in the city, the genuine anxiety mixed with melancholic stupefaction that this place can generate.

March 24 – May 7, 2017
Opening Reception March 24, 6-9pm